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14th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan


“Culture in Crisis: Flows of People, Artifacts & Ideas” 

Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Guido Vannini (Chair), Director of the School of Specialization of the University of Florence
  2. Prof. Zeidan Kafafi, Yarmouk University
  3. Dr. Monther Jamhawi, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  4. Dr. Barbara Porter, American Center of Oriental Research_Amman
  5. Dr. Omar Al-Ghul, Yarmouk University
  6. Prof. Fawzi Abu Danneh, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
  7. Prof. Shaher Rababah, Hashemite University
  8. Dr. Khairieh Amr, Independent Researcher
  9. Prof. Michele Nucciotti, Florence University
  10. Prof. Lorenzo Nigro, Rome University (La Sapienza)
  11. Prof. Andrea Polcaro, Perugia University
  12. Prof. Giovanna De Palma, Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro
  13. Dr . Roberto Gabrielli, Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage
  14. Prof . Basemah Hmarneh, Vienna University
  15. Prof . Stephan Schmid, Humboldt University
  16. Prof. Saba Fares, University Toulouse II Jean Jaurès
  17. Prof . Bethany Walker, Bonn University


Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. Monther Jamhawi, HE Director General of the Department of Antiquities
  2. Dr. Ahmad Amaireh, Dean of Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration
  3. Mahmoud Sobuh, Assistant Director General for Administrative Affairs
  4. Aktham Oweidi, Director of Excavations and Surveys Directorate
  5. Hanadi Al Taher, Director of Studies and Publication Directorate
  6. Samia Khoury, Director of Museums Directorate
  7. Ghassan Al Dier, Director of the Director General Office
  8. Arch. Shatha Mubaideen, Engineering and Conservation Directorate
  9. Prof. Michele Nucciotti, Florence University
  10. Prof. Elisa Pruno, Florence University